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Kikuletwa Hotsprings

It’s perfect day trip from Moshi town to Boma Ng’ombe. This is small blue lagoon with a rope and swing, some friendly bats and warm not hot springs the pond is very deep with 7 meter. In water there are small fishes that you will enjoy them nibbling your feet and legs! Kikuletwa is a good place for relaxation for sure, and our clients are still talking about this beautiful place. Not that hot and not that cold just warm water. Always we recommend this beautiful place for those who are looking for day trips or for camping you will never regret going there. The best days to go are weekdays and also Sundays. On Saturday there a large number of people who going for swimming. Chemka hot spring is not ideal for small children who cannot swim as its deep. The sides are a little steep water holds a beautiful sapphire color a natural current runs through and there a certain parts which can be hard to swim. Against the main pool is easiest place to relax. After enjoying our day trip later evening we will drive you back Moshi town or Arusha, as arranged.

  • Ideal Day Trip
  • Warm Springs with Nibbling Fishes
  • Blue Lagoon with a Swing
  • Relaxation Spot
  • Scenic Sapphire-Colored Water
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