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Lake Jipe

is an inter-territorial lake straddling the borders of Kenya and Tanzania. On the Kenyan side, it is located south of the village of Nghonji while on the Tanzanian side, it is situated within Mwanga District, in Kilimanjaro Region. A trip to Lake Jipe will give a wonderful experience for canoeing boat drive and see hippos along the way to the edge of the lake; where elephants can be seen. Lake Jipe receives its main inflow from Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania via River Lumi passing through Kenya. The other main inflow is via River Muvulani from the Pare Mountains. Several temporary streams, mainly from the Pare Mountains, also drain into Lake Jipe.

Adventures include Canoeing, Boat Drive, Hiking Mt.Kindoroko, village Visit, Local Beer experience, Swimming at Isuaa Waterfall.

  • Scenic Boat Drive
  • Inflows from Mt. Kilimanjaro
  • Wildlife Viewing
  • Swimming at Isuaa Waterfall
  • Village Visit and Local Beer Experience
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