Zanzibar archipelago

zanzibar archipelago

Spice Isles of Unguja, Pemba (Zanzibar) and Mafia. 

These islands, off the East Coast of Tanzania, have always been known to be the perfect place to unwind after a safari or trek up Kilimanjaro, or simply a romantic destination for honeymooners. What is not as widely known about these islands, is that they are home to some of the world's critically endangered species - red colobus monkeys, bottlenose dolphins, whale sharks, dugong and even the ancient coelacanth which scientists thought disappeared off the face of earth with the dinosaurs!  The islands are perfect for families as well as senior citizens as there is plenty do - from the active watersports, diving and snorkeling, to swimming with dolphins, or taking a leisurely sunset cruise in a traditional sailing dhow. The water is warm, beaches are beautiful, excursions are numerous and historic Stone Town, the archipelago's capital, is a hub of activity - old stone crumbling buildings with elaborate doors and balconies, and narrow streets teeming with bazaars and bicycles, a wonderful marketplace, old sultan’s palaces and the site of the infamous slave trade.

Accommodations in Zanzibar

Zanzibar have a whole range of accommodations to suit different interests and budgets. Generally, the hotels in Stone Town are ideal for exploring the historic city, taking Spice plantation tours and visiting little isles around the main island (eg Changuu/Prison island, Bawe island, Chumbe island), various historic palaces and ruins, as well as taking in a lot of local culture and events .

The East Coast is very popular, with superb white sandy beaches and coral reefs teeming with underwater life. Lot of different hotels; from the very small and intimate to the large, bustling resorts.

The North Coast is generally considered to be the best for those seeking more adventurous underwater safaris -scuba diving and deep sea diving particularly along the Mnemba Atoll. The beach resorts here range from standard to exclusive.

Aside from these, there are perfect private island get-aways - offered in the form of individual resorts on the little isles around the main island - Chumbe Island, Chapwani island, Mnemba Island, Bawe island and Changuu island to name a few.


South east coast of zanzibar

·         Kizimkazi is famous for the dolphins that you can find in the waters off the beach. Usually, the tours leave early morning, but any time during the day you will find captains with their boats offering you to take you there. If you are lucky, you will be able to swim with the dolphins. If you have concerns regarding the welfare of the animals, chat to the captain before the trip. Before you leave Kizimkazi, check out the oldest mosque in East Africa which you can find here.


·         Another great trip is the Sandbank Picnic, also known as Safari Blue; our trusted tour guides will make sure that you have the best of this great trip!


·          Jambiani is a lovely former fishing village that has opened up to tourism and guests by offering a great selection of small guesthouses, medium-sized hotels as well as a string of restaurants offering local and international cuisine. The beach is shared among locals and guests, and the evening atmosphere is particular great for a walk down the beach. Jambiani also offers some great opportunities to go on a local village tour, learning about life in Zanzibar, or exploring Kuumbi Caves just outside the village (best done by bicycle).


·         Paje is the place for kite surfing and nightlife. During the windier months (July/August/January/February) the beach is full of kite surfers, and in the evenings you find plenty of restaurants and bars. Most famous parties are Thursdays Reggae Party at Demani Lodge, Friday Beach Party at Jambo Beach Bar and Sundays at Vuvuzela.

·         Michamvi is home to the world famous restaurant The Rock - a restaurant located on top of a rock in the sea. At low tide you can walk, at high tide they pull you across on a boat. Prices are higher than elsewhere, but the scenery makes it special.


·         If you have a couple of hours before or after lunch, a snorkeling trip to the nearby Blue Lagoon is recommended: lots of tropical fish!! Snorkeling is almost as good as the famous spots Mnemba and Chumbe.


·         For a sunset on the South East coast, visit Michamvi Kae. The powdery beach is out of this world, and you will find one of the funkiest bars around, Kae Beach. Grab a beer and walk to the beach, enjoy the sunset.



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