Arusha National Park

It is a popular destination for day trip visitors who are about to embark from the town of Arusha on longer northern circuit safaris. The small national park includes the slopes, summit, and ash cone of Mt. Meru, the Momela Lakes, Ngurdoto Crater, and the lush highland forests that blanket its lower slopes. Game viewing around the Momela Lakes is at a laid-back and quiet pace, and while passing through the forest many visitors stop to search for troupes of rare colubus monkeys playing in the canopy.

The entrance gate leads into shadowy montane forest inhabited by inquisitive blue monkeys and colourful turacos and trogons – the only place on the northern safari circuit where the acrobatic black-and-white colobus monkey is easily seen. In the midst of the forest stands the spectacular Ngurdoto Crater, whose steep rocky cliffs enclose a wide marshy floor dotted with herds of buffalo and warthog.

Further north, rolling grassy hills enclose the tranquil beauty of the Momela Lakes, each one having a different hue of green or blue. There are shallows sometimes tinged pink with thousands of flamingos. The lakes support a rich selection of resident and migrant waterfowl, and also shaggy waterbucks that display their large lyre-shaped horns on the watery fringes. Giraffes glide across the grassy hills, between grazing zebra herds, whilst pairs of wide-eyed dik-dik dart into scrubby bush like overgrown hares on spindly legs.

Olpopongi Maasai Culture

Olpopongi Maasai Cultural Village & Museum is the first authentic Maasai Boma and Museum with overnight facilities in Tanzania. Olpopongi provides a unique Maasai & wildlife experience in the West-Kilimanjaro Maasailand, Just 74 km from Moshi While at the village you will share the authentic Maasai life & culture. 30% of the income obtained from your tour supports local Maasai families with water, food, employment, personal income, medical treatments and education. All Maasai – jewelry on sale is hand-made and produced by the local Maasai women of other nearby villages. All Museum tours & walking safaris are performed by experienced English speaking Maasai guides.

Materuni Chaga Tribe Culture, Local Coffee Making and Waterfalls

Materuni village is a beautifully lush area to visit on the outskirts of Moshi. Here you can really get to grips with the life of the local Chagga people- wandering through the village and passing their homesteads. Located in the picturesque foothills of Kilimanjaro, Materuni has managed to retain its authentic edge over some of the other tourist attractions as it is not one of the routes for climbing Kilimanjaro. Once you reach the village you will start your coffee tour at a traditional Chagga ‘shamba’ (farm). Here your guide will explain all aspects of the Chagga homestead including the other crops that they grow aside from coffee. You will get to see how the coffee is produced- from picking the bean to roasting and then drinking a delicious cup yourself. Following your coffee tour you will then take a short hike (make sure to wear some good shoes as it can be muddy up there), passing through local villages to reach the waterfalls. Here you will either have a picnic lunch box or arrive to a full spread of freshly cooked lunch prepared for you. Following lunch you will have the opportunity to take a dip in the refreshing (quite cold!) pools beneath the waterfalls. When you have had your fill of this beautiful place you can start walking back to where you will take the dala dala or your private car back to Moshi (reaching Moshi at approximately 4-5pm).

Marangu Ancient Caves, Waterfalls and Traditional food tour

Marangu is 30km northeast of Moshi town at altitude 1800m, 45 minutes drive form Moshi town. They offer full and half day tour on the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Attractions include the oldest Lutheran Church in Kilimanjaro, waterfalls, beautiful views, coffee trees (this is the area where the first coffee tree in Tanzania was planted by German Missionaries), caves used during Maasai/Chagga wars, traditional and modern Chagga art, culture, and homes, see an iron smith at his ancient craft.

Lake Chala 

is amazing place for volcanic tours in Moshi, this is great Lake formed by underground volcanic rivers which meet at lower slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro and form this Lake. Life is at lake because there is Fish Tilapia, Crocodiles, Birds and a lot natural trees. The lake is amazingly clear with steep crater walls. Lake was created by volcanic eruption that occurred in prehistoric times. The lake is the remnant of the mountain that was destroyed during the eruption. It’s located on the border of Tanzania and Kenya close to the town of Moshi on the eastern of Mount Kilimanjaro. The lake is protected by the crater walls which are 100 meters tall. Children and adults both enjoy Marula trees at Lake Chala. The Marula trees in the camp are wonderful for climbing and there is plenty of space in which children can play, the lake is great for swimming. Its color varies depending on the time of year from a rich blue, to turquoise, to green. The lake is fed by groundwater that comes from Mount Kilimanjaro.

Lake Jipe 

is an inter-territorial lake straddling the borders of Kenya and Tanzania. On the Kenyan side, it is located south of the village of Nghonji while on the Tanzanian side, it is situated within Mwanga District, in Kilimanjaro Region. A trip to Lake Jipe will give a wonderful experience for canoeing boat drive and see hippos along the way to the edge of the lake; where elephants can be seen. Lake Jipe receives its main inflow from Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania via River Lumi passing through Kenya. The other main inflow is via River Muvulani from the Pare Mountains. Several temporary streams, mainly from the Pare Mountains, also drain into Lake Jipe.

Adventures include Canoeing, Boat Drive, Hiking Mt.Kindoroko, village Visit, Local Beer experience, Swimming at Isuaa Waterfall.

Kikuletwa Hotsprings 

It’s perfect day trip from Moshi town to Boma Ng’ombe. This is small blue lagoon with a rope and swing, some friendly bats and warm not hot springs the pond is very deep with 7 meter. In water there are small fishes that you will enjoy them nibbling your feet and legs! Kikuletwa is a good place for relaxation for sure, and our clients are still talking about this beautiful place. Not that hot and not that cold just warm water. Always we recommend this beautiful place for those who are looking for day trips or for camping you will never regret going there. The best days to go are weekdays and also Sundays. On Saturday there a large number of people who going for swimming. Chemka hot spring is not ideal for small children who cannot swim as its deep. The sides are a little steep water holds a beautiful sapphire color a natural current runs through and there a certain parts which can be hard to swim. Against the main pool is easiest place to relax. After enjoying our day trip later evening we will drive you back Moshi town or Arusha, as arranged.