Tanzania SafariS

Tanzania brings the quintessential safari trip to life—large stretches of stunning landscape, flat-topped acacia trees silhouetted against orange-purple sunsets, and graceful, powerful animals racing across the vast savannah. Our journey offers a unique way to get up-close with the culture and wildlife of the region on an intimate safari adventure.

Example Safari Packages

Serengeti national park

Ngorongoro conservation area

Lake Manyara


Accommodation Options


Our luxury Tanzania safari tour packages. During the day, you will spend your time with highly-ranked safari guides who have extensive knowledge about the national parks and wildlife. For overnight, you will stay at world-renowned lodges and Luxury camps inside Tanzania’s National Parks. From fine dining to exquisite amenities; explore the sights along with the sounds of the natural wildlife on our Tanzania luxury safari and fall asleep listening to the night-time sounds of the creatures. The camps serve you with a spectacular blend of luxury as well as African architecture and are fashioned with an outlook to imbibe a homely pleasure while using the most high-end furnishings. Far from metropolitan cities and civilizations, you will have the unsurpassed experience of immaculate wilderness, untouched and that is true to its natural appearance. You will enjoy your time in one of the most sought-after safari destinations in the world.

We present our visitors with experiences from one national park to another in Tanzania, making it a lot easier to see all the natural beauty Tanzania offers. We also provide tailor-made signature safari, thus making every experience very special as well as unique for our visitors. So whether you are scheduling a family retreat, a matchless honeymoon or you just want to discover the magnificence of the African wilderness, we at African Love Birds Adventure can make all your desires come true with our outstanding luxury Tanzania safaris.


Our Tanzanian wildlife safari is where you can relax in style and comfort. These safari packages are for you. The main aim of Pinnacle Adventures and Safaris is to provide our clients with a highly memorable safari experience in exclusive camps lodges, which offer an atmosphere of privacy, security and intimate isolation. The Permanent Tented Camps , and Lodges in Tanzania properties are all situated in private areas of exceptional natural beauty, rich in wildlife and inhabited by spectacular local tribes. Pinnacle Adventures and Safaris select the highest-rated lodging options for its clients and we tailor to the clients’ lodging.


Tanzania Camping Safari is a unique way of enjoying the African safari in Tanzania. It is not only affordable but it is a great adventure to take in Africa. Imagine yourself under canvas under the African clear sky with Stars shining above you, or sitting around a campfire in the middle of nowhere in a public campsite at the centre of Serengeti National Park’s endless Savannah plains.

Pinnacle Adventures and Safaris make it happen regardless of what leads you into choosing a camping Safari in Tanzania. Right in the heart of the African wilderness; sitting around a campfire and sleeping amidst the sounds and roars of night predators comes with a special feeling of adventure. We provide all camping gear during your safari and serve freshly cooked food that is prepared by our experienced safari cooks. Our cook and driver do all the camp set-up for you and you only participate in that if you are after an active adventure.



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